Ceramic Water Filter Solutions has found that there are a growing number of locations around the world where people are making and using ceramic water filters to have access to safe drinking water.

Learn more about how we are working with the locations listed below to develop self-sustaining solutions, provide continuing education and training and promote our goal for all developing countries – safe water is a right, not a privilege.

Cuatrociénegas - Coahuila, México - Ceramic Water Filter Solutions

Cuatrociénegas - Coahuila, México

In February, 2013, an exploratory trip was made to the pueblo of Cuatrociénegas, México, to investigate the feasibility of making filters there.

Kathmandu, Nepal - Ceramic Water Filter Solutions

Kathmandu, Nepal

We first went to Nepal in 2013 at the invitation of Fr. Joseph Thaler, MM.

Osun State, Nigeria - Ceramic Water Filter Solutions

Osun State, Nigeria

The factory in Nigeria was initiated in August, 2013 due to the efforts of Ibukunoluwa Ayoola (IBK), a master potter, and members of the Potters Water Action Group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tuxtla Guiterrez - Chiapas, Mexico - Ceramic Water Filter Solutions

Tuxtla Guiterrez - Chiapas, Mexico

The factory in Tuxtla was started in January 2012, in conjunction with Edgar Villalobos and Patty Elke, professors at UNACH.