Save Lives and Restore Hope A gift of $25.00 can help transform the lives of families with safe water and a better tomorrow.

Promoting safe drinking water, building lasting opportunities.

Every day, worldwide, 4000 children die from drinking unclean water.  Drinking water, free of bacteria and protozoa, is essential for each human being.  Developing countries – like Mexico, Nepal and Nigeria – do not have the resources to build and maintain Western-style water treatment plants and the delivery infrastructure necessary to provide clean water. Our goal is to bring a safe, clean and sustainable water solution home to these countries using ceramic water filters.

Ceramic Water Filter Solutions has standardized a reliable method for manufacturing a ceramic filter that will produce affordable clean water and can be installed directly in the home, at the point of use, avoiding contamination in collection and transit. To use it, one only needs to pour contaminated water in the top.  It is a simple passive device, made locally of native materials, uses no electric, requires minimal maintenance and makes an immediate change in peoples’ lives.

With your support we can help local communities build the factories to produce these filters, locating them near their markets and creating jobs. We also train & assist the volunteer groups who help build these factories and make sure they keep working well into the future.

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